Quartermasters Notes

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Safety! Safety! Safety! No more need to be said. You will have to receive and absorb full force strikes with no damage to life and limb.

To start off, as a novice (squire) you will need:

  • A good tight-fitting pair of pants (Horse riding jodhpurs are ideal, in black)
  • Black leather steel capped safety boots
  • Thick leather gauntlets (long cuffed welding gloves work well)
  • A pair of frameless safety glasses
  • Skateboarding knee and elbow pads
  • Soccer or hockey shin guards
  • Groin protection
  • A Foil fencing mask

This is standard training gear and offers only the minimum protection for light sparring. For more intense sparring, you will be expected to wear full armour, to be discussed later.


We use blunted steel swords from a variety of suppliers and because they are quite costly items, your are not expected to arrive there with a sword. We normally give the squires grace on the purchase of their own weapons until they are sure that the sword-fighting bug has bitten.

As a squire you will start your training with a stick (a hardwood broom or rake handle works well)


All plate armour has to be made from mild or stainless steel plate of no less than 1.2-1.6mm thick. We allow for creative licence and you are permitted to use any style of European armour.

  • Helmet – full-faced or visor-type in steel.
  • Gorget for neck protection
  • Chainmaile coif
  • Chainmaile hauberk
  • Padded gambeson
  • Splinted leather or steel arms and leggings
  • Splinted leather or steel gauntlets (Steel preferable)
  • Sabattons (optional)
  • Breast and back plate
  • Scale or plate maile gambesons or hauberks.